Gift Boxes 

Inspired by the virtues of mediterranean trees, we prepared a combination of handmade pieces and premium products to celebrate the holiday season.
A selection of handmade and unique premium wood pieces, gourmet products and recognised brands will delight your friends and loved ones.
Harvest box
1 Handcraft premium walnut wood cutting board
1 Olive oil in a ceramic bottle 
- cole pressed edition - 25.5oz
1 Truffle vinegar bottle - ml
1 Condiment plate 
Wood box
1 Small handcrafted cheese board in olive wood
1 Olive oil in a vintage lit can - 6.76oz
1 Gourmet jam
1 Condiment plate                                $50.00
Olive box
1 Olive oil in a vintage lit can - 25oz
1 Gourmet jam
2 Condiment plate 
1 Wood spreader                       $40.00        
Light box
1 SAND + FOG candle 12oz (holiday assortment scents)
1 Walnut wood tree set